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Don't Cut Bridal Hair and Makeup from Your Budget

Weddings expenses can add up quickly, and when you're looking for ways to budget, it might be tempting to cut professional hair and makeup from the wedding list. After all, you can curl your hair and put on foundation right? We think you've got to reconsider. Professional hair and makeup is not what you should cut from your budget, and here's why:

1. When you wake up on your wedding day, you should just focus on relaxing. Let someone else pamper you! Your morning should be as carefree as possible with your sole focus on the fact that you're getting married! You should let someone else do your hair and your makeup so your can enjoy your morning. If you're busy creating your own updo or trying to blend out a smoky eye, you won't have to time to sip mimosas with your friends.

2. The products you need for a wedding day actually cost more than hiring an artist. Bridal hair and makeup kits are an investment. There are hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of products in those kits. Makeup artists use primers, lotions, multiple eye shadows, brow products, eye liners, mascara, foundation, false lashes, setting powder, concealer, blush, highlighters, glitters, lip primers, lip glosses and lipsticks, setting sprays and more on their clients, plus brushes, makeup wipes, cleaning solutions and other tools. Hair stylists have full kits too: curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers, hair sprays, serums, donuts, pins and more. Instead of purchasing all these items on your own, trust an artist with their kit and their talent.

3. Speaking of talent, artists know what they are doing. This is their livelihood. They love doing hair and makeup and have spent years honing their skills. You've hired other vendors based on their skills because they can do what you can't, right? Photographers, cake decorators, florists, etc. You have skills too. You're probably really great at what you do, but what you do likely isn't cake decorating or making bouquets. That's why you hired wedding vendors. Hair and makeup are the same. Instead of spending your time learning how to tease hair or blend eye shadow, trust an artist to use their skills to help you look and feel your best.

Hiring a professional hair and makeup artist is the way to go! Your morning will be way more fun, enjoyable and relaxing if you hire a team of people who want you to feel amazing! Ready to hire a bridal team? We'd love to be a part of your big day.

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